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ADHD strategies, ADHD diagnoses and ADHD Tips are NOT a part of this ADHD podcast, If you are looking for tips, strategies, or methods to become a better person, then you should go elsewhere. In the ADHD community, there are plenty of people offering to help ADHD people be more productive. My wife and I are ADHD. We don't want to help you change. We want you to see you are not alone by allowing you access into our lives and into the lives of other ADHD people who are happy to be ADHD. We hope you will Join us as we put the awe in awesome!
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Dec 25, 2016

Merry Christmas Everyone. Thanks for our second year.

Dec 18, 2016

Jennie Friedman joins Tom and Yvonne Nardone for a show about Christmas and the things that make it difficult and/or interesting. Show includes best and worst gifts, Christmas card etiquette and much more.

Dec 17, 2016

Rick Green of Totally ADD

Rick Green of Totally ADD. Joins Tom Nardone. A few laughs and and some ADHD/depression talk.

Rick is a fantastic human being and through his videos and through his life he has inspired me greatly. It was truly my pleasure to have him on the show.

Dec 14, 2016

Yvonne and I talk about several things. We did not really want to do a show today so you people should just feel lucky to get what you got, Enjoy.


Nov 30, 2016

My 3 month battle with depression.

I have been out of contact with most of the world for the past three months.I had a pretty severe battle with depression. It effect my job. It effected my wife and it brought me to a place I never believed I would ever see.
I am proud to say that today I am happy. I feel fantastic and I am thrilled to return for episode 66 with the greatest wife a man could have.
Yvonne and I speak about the beginning and the end of this 3 month period and what it was like dealing with depression.
I am once again excited about my life.

Sep 8, 2016

Episode 65

Laurie Dupar & Tom Nardone Coaching and Binge Watching


Yes! Laurie Dupar at great potential risk to her career and credibility graced The Tom Nardone Show to discuss Coaching and ADHD, but also a whole lot more.


Laurie Dupar has been an ADHD Coach for many years at Coaching for ADHD and has recently started an ADHD Coach training at The International ADHD Coach Training Center.


This was a fantastic episode and I would like to personally thank Laurie for being so forthcoming in sharing parts of her personal life that she has never shared before. Hear it first on The Tom Nardone Show.


Reach Laurie on

Facebook Coaching for ADHD Page

Twitter @lauriedupar


Aug 25, 2016

My Fellow ADHD Attention Whore: Shawn McGovern

It was truly a pleasure to spend some time with Shawn McGovern tonight. My new friend and fellow "attention whore", and I had surprisingly never met before this evening and I am amazed at some of the things we have in common. Shawn and I spoke about the worst jobs we ever had and the ways in which we got ourselves fired from them.

Shawn can be found using the links below

Musings Of Shawn

Aug 20, 2016

Tom and Yvonne have recently had several new changes in there live and in this episode they are discussed in detail..Blah blah blah....

Aug 17, 2016

Interview With Laurie Dupar (apparently we are experts)


Laurie Dupar interviewed Yvonne and I for the 2016 ADHD Tele-Summit. Just in case you missed it never fear for Laurie after very little begging has allowed us to share our portion with you.

There will be a 2017 ADHD Tele-Summit next year and we have been pre-invited so I will expect all of you to be there.

Please enjoy this encore presentation of Tom and Yvonne Nardone with Laurie Dupar.


Aug 1, 2016

Tom and Yvonne discuss their night out at a five star restaurant and and their reactions to it. Also Yvonne is writing a screenplay and Tom makes a guest invitation.

Jul 11, 2016

Tom and Yvonne Discuss Household hacks and tips to make things more fun or easy

May 27, 2016

Tom and Yvonne went to Myrtle Beach South Carolina for a vacation. Learn of their most recent adventures on the this amazing episode of the Tom Nardone show!

May 14, 2016

Tom and Yvonne banter about the divisions of responsibilities in the home for which there need be preparation. Also Yvonne goes a little gangster .

May 6, 2016

There are many days in our life where we are randomly called to action and there are some that happen on the same day every year. Yvonne and I discuss these days and the circumstances that surround them and why they suck so bad.

Apr 2, 2016

Tom an Yvonne discuss hacks and methods they use to keep the peace in the household. They also talk a little bit with the Amazon Echo named Alexa, and Tom explains why he loves her. This was a fantastic show.

Apr 1, 2016

Special Guest Joseph Arrowwood and Tom discuss the problems that exist when people interact. Show will cover dating, work and Parenting and much much more.

Mar 8, 2016

 I am joined by two people with whom share very little in common. However we are all friends and do share the same name. Yes, Three Tom Nardones for the price of one. 



Tom Nardone Michigan

Tom Nardone is a prolific entrepreneur. He has founded four companies that each have more than $1,000,000 in annual revenue.

PriveCo is his most popular and he is very passionate about providing the utmost privacy. Since 1998 he has worked to keep your life as private as possible. Over 900,000 people trust Tom with their personal information and he takes the trust of every single one seriously.

His favorite quote is "To get one great idea you need one hundred ideas and a system to determine which one is the best." By Gurminder Bedi. This principle was used to launch PriveCo Inc. and has guided its success ever since.

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 Tom Nardone (Florida)

Tom Nardone is an example of pursuing the American Dream of financial freedom. At age 19, he started working for the Post Office as a mailman. It didn’t take him long to realize that the security entrapment of “good job” is not a lot different from a 30 year jail sentence.

“You feel trapped, and your income is limited.” Realizing his “good government job” was not going to make his dreams of being financially free come true, Tom took some real estate investing courses and bought his first house in 1983 at just 23 years old. Shortly thereafter he recognized a valuable asset available to him that his real estate investor competition did not have.


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Mar 2, 2016

Tom is joined by a listener in the Tom Nardone studio as they talk about hoarding. Kristin Weicht is a real life hoarder.


Feb 20, 2016

Tom whines about all the bad things involved with owning pets. Yvonne tries to explain the point to it and shares some of her stories about past pets and some close encounters of her own.


Jan 27, 2016

Kirsten Milliken of PlayDHD at great risk to her own credibility graced the Tom Nardone Show. Learn about her upcoming book, adult summer camp and How to play your ADHD away.


Jan 15, 2016

Thank You Eric Tivers and all of our listeners. This was our 50th episode. I thought it fitting to have The Tom Nardone Show's biggest influence and supporter take the helm and be our first ever guest host.

Yvonne and I have become closer as a result of this show and I hope we have made some of you who are challenged by the stigma of ADHD realize that if you do not want to change, that is okay.

Yvonne and I love you all and we hope to see a day when we celebrate episode 100.

Im Tom Nardone and your welcome.

Jan 6, 2016

With Yvonne's new Job come new responsibilities for Tom. In this episode. Tom requires Yvonne to spell out the things she will now require of Tom around the house.