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Feb 2, 2015

ADHD / ADD | The ADHD Kitchen, Where Trouble is Always Cooking

In an ADHD household the kitchen is always a source of trouble. Whether it is the cooking the cleaning or the things that break and cause us to have to make unplanned trips off the couch. Yvonne and I in what will likely be a many part series will focus on the food and food preparation issues that plague ADHD households.
In a world that makes no sense to me but perfect sense to her is the source of this broadcast. I do not believe we made any progress but that is not the nature of what we do here at the Tom Nardone Show. We are here to celebrate our differences and prove to the world that in a happy marriage (particularly an ADHD marriage) the Kitchen is not a battle worth fighting.
I am Tom Nardone, and You are welcome.

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