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Jan 26, 2015


ADHD Dating Disasters

We have all been on them and the stories while not pretty are hilarious. I could never seem to get a date and stopped asking girls out. I turned to dating services where I could meet other women who could not get a date. I have dated some real losers and even met the woman who I now refer to as my evil ex--wife

Yvonne talks about her blind dates because she too is ADHD. Yvonne found it difficult to get someone to ask her out.

Tom-Nardone-Dating-ADHD-PodcastWe invite you to learn about why dating sucks and the people who made them suck. Hear about Yvonne’s worst blind date ever who she calls switch-blade Eddie. It is a potpourri of ADHD dating chaos.


I am Tom Nardone and you are welcome.