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Sep 14, 2017

Lisa and Patrick were guests to our show and guests to our home as they literally drove their car to safety. They found their refuge here in the studio of the The Tom Nardone Show.

Aug 28, 2017

Hello insult. I would like you to meet your friend misery. Yvonne insisted I see a regular Doctor and it would seem I now have to completely change the way I eat. Listen as Yvonne and I argue this out until high am defeated and and hang my head as the coward I am. Great Show. Inspired by my conversation with Alan Brown.

Aug 21, 2017

Home Depot's supportive gesture to my upcoming surgery. I was humbled beyond my imagination. I love all you guys.  I think I work for the Greatest company in the world.PLUS! Med update, Gifts from Kriss Mc Laughlin, Eclipse and dry ice bombs!

Aug 15, 2017

Status update on Tom's Brain tumor, the prognosis and the plan of attack and of course the death defying trip as Yvonne through caution to the wind as she figuratively raped the american highways to get us to Charleston SC.

Aug 2, 2017

Yard-work, dogs,the App, awesome fan-mail, and much much more. Give us a listen. You don't have anything better to do.