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Mar 5, 2015

Some of us with ADHD have experienced a life of failure. We try, and we try, but in the end the scoreboard is the same. I am not suggesting we are destined to fail, or victory, for us is a fool’s errand. I am saying some of us with ADHD see it more than most.

I have realized through seeing my brother Phillip that it is a lot of work to be as successful. Phil is a real estate agent, and he brings home the bank. The other thing about Phil is that he works his ass off. He almost never gets a day off and he is always busy. He gets one day off a week and he spends a good portion of that day on his cell phone. Everything he does today affects tomorrow and everything he did yesterday affects him today. SCREW THAT!


I love and respect Phil very much. He loves what he does, and seeing him in action and hearing of the multitude of problems he must deal with every day has made me very comfortable being an underachieving slack-ass. I would not do what Phil does if they guaranteed me 150k dollars a year. I would rather just have my job where I go to work and go home. My day always ends at the end of the day. There is a great deal of value in that. I don’t think I would want to own my own business either. What if I had an asshole such as myself working for my company? Ughh!