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Jun 30, 2015


Yvonne and Tom discuss the torcherous ordeal of having to listen to other people speak. Just because you have the right to speak does not mean you...

Jun 24, 2015


The Talcum Fist of Mother Nature has made it a bad day to be Tom Nardone as a giant tree has fallen across his front yard. Join Tom and his wife as they discuss the seven stages grief and how they correspond Tom not wishing to get off his ass and deal with the problem.

See the video here.

Jun 13, 2015

Tom and Yvonne for the first time on their ADHD Podcast decide to actually talk about ADHD.

Tom has decided to take on a coach. He and his wife discuss Toms future with his good friend Eric Tivers who will have the monumental task of helping Tom get some of his stuff together.

This show is not particular designed to...

Jun 2, 2015

This is a compilation of shows I have Done with Justine Ruotolo on the Miss ADD Show. Justine was one of the people whio encouraged me and I am forever in her debt. I think this is a fantastic compilation.

This is only because Yvonne is on third shift this month and we should be back on a reguar rotation next...